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Committees And Incharges  



Member’s Name & Incharge
1 Academic Supervision Mr.  Ajay Pandey (Class IX to XII)
& Reporting           Mr Subasini Dei (Class III to VIII)  
2 Arrangement Mr.  S.B.Padhi  – Incharge
Mr. B.P. Mehta
Mr. Sanjai Kumar
3 Time Table Mrs. Mollika Mukherjee– Incharge
Ms. S.R.Satapathy
4 Lesson Plan Mrs. Subasini DeiI /c. (Cl. III to XII)
Mrs. Bhavana Mishra I/c.(Cl. LKG to II)
5 Discipline, Uniform
& Punctuality Mr. Sanjai Kumar – Incharge
  Mrs. P.P.Ram
  Mr. A.K.Singh
  Mr. Mritunjay Tripathi
6 Extra Coaching Mr. Ajay Pandey  – Incharge
(Internal & External)  
  Mr. Sanjai Kumar
7 Slow Learners Mr. Ajay Pandey – Incahrge
Mr.P. shrivastav
Mrs. Vagmita Sharma
Mr. P. Mishra
8 Morning Assembly Mr. A K Pandey– Incharge
Mr. R.K.Jaiswal
Mr. Sanjai Kumar
Mr. S.N.Mishra
Mr. M. Tripathi
9 Examination Mr. S.B.Padhi -  Incharge (Cl.IX to XII)
Ms. S.R.Satapathy – (Cl. III to VIII)
Mrs. Sheeva A O – (Cl. LKG to II)
Mr. N Prasad
Mr. A. Taide
10 Admission Mr. P.C.Sahoo – Incharge
Mr. S.B.Padhee
Mr. D.K.Panda
Mr. M.D.Pandey
Mr. Ajay Pandey
Mr. A.M.Mishra
11 Co-curricular Competition Mrs. P.P.Ram – Incharge
Mr M. Tripathi
Mr. Sanjai Kumar
Mr. S. C. Mukherjee
12 Pre-Primary Activities Mrs. Priya Mandal – Incharge(LKG,UKG)
Mrs. Nutan Singh
Mrs. Annie Abraham-Incharge(I,II)
13 Attendance Register Mr. M.D. Pandey – (VIII to XII)
Mr. D.k. Panda (Cl. III to VII)
14 Cultural Programme Mr. R.K.Jaiswal – Incharge
Ms. S.R.Satapathy
Mrs. P.P.Ram
Mrs. Kriti Patil
Mrs. S.Das
Mr. S. C. Mukherjee
Mr. S.Das
15 Library Newspaper       Mr.S. C. Mukherjee  – Incharge
            Mr. P.Purukayastha
             Mr B. P. Mehta
16 School Magazine        Mr. Naveen Sharma - Incharge
       Mr. S.B. Padhi
       Mr.S. C. Mukherjee
       Mr. Subrata Das
       Ms. M.John
17 Display Board              Mr. Subrata Das – Incharge
      All House Master
18 Students Council        Mr. Ajay Pandey – Incharge
       Mrs. P.P.Ram
       Ms. S.Mishra
       Mr. Sanjai Kumar
19 Science Club       Mr. P.C.Sahoo – Incharge
      Mrs. Najma Ansari
      Mr. M.D.Pandey
      Mrs. Vagmita Sharma
      Mrs.  K.Jaya
20 Language Club       Mr. S.B.Padhi – Incharge
      Mrs. V.Agrawal
21 Health Club       Mrs. K.Jaya – Incharge
             Ms. S.Das
      Mr. A.K.Yadav
22 Daily Hawan       Mr. S.N.Mishra – Incharge
      Mr. N.Prasad
      Ms. Sangeeta
23 N.S.S. Activities            Mr. D.K.Panda – Incharge
           Mr. P.K.Shrivastava
           Mr. M.K.Nishad
24 M.O.D. To be assigned on rotation basis.
25 Sexual Harassment Protection Committee Mrs. S. Dei – TGT  (Head)
Ms. S.R.Satapathy – TGT (Members)
Mr. Pappu Mishra, President, District    
       Human Rights.